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At EFN, our goals consist of connecting a network of local farmers and purveyors to a growing community of chefs, consumers, and institutions interested in high-quality, fresh, NYS grown and produced foods.

We are creating opportunities and a market for these high quality, fresh foods in Syracuse and surrounding areas. These products will empower customers by enabling access to local fresh nutrient-dense food choices from the region they live in. EFN will also offer a place for food entrepreneurs to create their own food to sell online or in-person.

Lastly, we would like to “extend the growing season” in Central NY through our long winters, maintaining access to diverse local offerings throughout the year. This provides a unique opportunity to supply NYS grown food to local schools and other institutions in ways that no other business is able to do in Syracuse.
Through our nutrition and educational outreach, we aim to work with establishments and other organizations that have demonstrated interest in locally sourced and healthy food. We are connecting the local food system, establishing greater access to  farm fresh food for families and institutions in the Syracuse area.

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