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We are happy to announce Eden Fresh Network is evolving! The first part of our transformation is our name change. We have chosen a name with a story which pays homage to history. Our market is located in a historic building which backs to the old Erie Canal, where the original food hub existed.
Our new name is Plum & Mule Community Market. The Plum has dual purpose: the fruit and the color. Plums were first introduced to the US through NY. The Prince family of Flushing, NY were the largest supplier of fruit in the New World. In 1771, they advertised their offerings of 33 varieties of plum trees. We considered “apple” as it is the main fruit of New York, however, the color plum is the “hybrid” version of purple, and the family of purples holds the meaning we value for our business: uplifting, trust, and reliability. The Mule represents the strength and backbone of productivity for the operation, as it was the mule which helped guide the packet boats up and down the Erie Canal. 

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Bringing locally grown food to the masses was the basis for our interview with Eat Local New York. Find out about how local food is expanding Syracuse's local economy and productivity.

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